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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions asked by our customers. If you have a question that is not included below then please contact us and ask.

Why is my computer running so slowly?

Possibly the most common question we get asked here at Computer Solutions, the answer could be a number of things. Possibilities include, hard drive capacity, not enough memory, device driver conflicts or it could even be down to viruses, adware or spyware. All of those things could be contributing to your computers lack of speed. The best solution would be to arrange for Computer Solutions to take a look at your system and run a diagnostics check.

Can You Help Me Go Wireless?

The short answer to this is Yes. We can supply all the relevant components which you would need to create a wireless network in your home or office. From Wireless cards to enable your computer to connect to a wireless router, or even Wireless enables USB dongles.

Can you reinstall windows for me?

Another simple Yes. We here at Computer Solutions can run clean installs of various Windows Operating Systems, please contact us for more details.however we must have your licence sticker present to do this or you will have to purchace windows licence again.

I have a virus, Can you help?

Yes. Computer Solutions can clean your PC and erase any viruses you may have picked up, including spyware and any adware software. We will then also supply you with an Anti Virus Software solution, to keep you protected at all times.